Friday, 3 December 2010

Living the Dream....Are We ?

This film about the situation in Iceland through the eyes of the creative community starts to really ring true on a broader perspective in what is supposedly seen as the western world. Money, growth, power are they morals that people really want to live by.
We have been living 'the American dream' which is exactly what it is, not ours. Its that lifestyle that is played out in every American movie and TV show that sweeps the world. Work hard, love your country, get married, buy a house, have kids buy that awesome car and keep spending.
The interesting thing is our safety in and understanding of what morals is being thrown into dishevel or are they ?. Are your morals about how much you earn or your monetary value. Surely your morals are the things that you believe in. The things that guide the life that you choose to live. What if this American dream was that of your parents that they bestowed upon you. What if the more they pushed it, the more you realised it was wrong.
As my friend's start to hit their 30's and have been working hard like we were supposed to often ridiculous hours to buy the houses and the cars. Many of them, me included have started to ask one simple question. 'Is this it ??'
There was always something quite wrong about the situation that didnt feel right. Its not that i dont believe in a hard days work. But all those hard days to make that little bit more money for those companies who will treat you more like shit, doing something you really dont enjoy. Just seems wrong to me.