Thursday, 29 July 2010

One of my many obessions

If anyone reading this actually knows me. They would know that I am a self proclaimed coffee snob. Someone who only drinks the finest cups from the finest of establishments. When you hear such a statement you probably visualise a wanker sitting at Soho House, Selfridges or Fortnum and Mason... oh how wrong you are.

My feeling is that Antipodeans have a weird love and strength in making a great coffee... but dont have the money to build an over the top coffee establishment. Which is fine by me... They have with limited money learnt to make great spaces that people want to spend time in... no matter how little or awkard they may seem. I love the spaces that a lot of coffee shops in London now fill. Its about an open environment ... where everybody knows your name and your coffee style. aaah sounds like the american TV show cheers... but not..

So here is one of my favorites. Tina We Salute You... oh yes we do Tina whoever you are (she doesnt work there and I still believe its a figment of their imagination)

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In case you get lost finding them

This is their loyalty card system... I got about 15 to go before Im on the golden wall

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Friday, 23 July 2010

Fusion of French Awesomeness

So as you can tell I love a lot of french things. But here comes the movie TRON Legacy which Im dying to see. At the movies which Im not usually that big of a fan of. But not only does the moment look unbelievable but they have brought in the original cutter of the finest french tracks... DAFT PUNK to do the music for the sound track. Here are some of the tracks...

and the fake one

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Great track from The Swiss

I wrote about The Swiss previously after seeing them live in London. Here is there track that is being mixed by everyone at the moment. Great track....

Thursday, 15 July 2010

He's Back....

Tour de Force - July 2010 Mix Pt II by Tour de Force (Official)
.... So I guess if your girlfriend goes to Ibiza for a week it seems to get the creative juices flowing. (Take of that what you will.) Tour De Force is back with another mix... bit more chilled this time... lovin it. I might have to start paying for her holidays so we can continue to great some great mixes.

1. Ratatat - Wildcat
2. Kavinsky - Night Call (Broke One Remix)
3. Cassian - Fuck Song
4. Crazy P - Never Gonna Reach Me (Hot Toddy Remix)
5. Holy Ghost! - Static On The Wire
6. Miami Horror - Sometimes (Universe Remix)
7. Flight Facilities - Crave You (Cassian Remix)
8. The Juan MacLean - Happy House
9. The Swiss - Bubble Bath (Knightlife Remix)
10. Knightlife - Discotirso (Original Mix)
11. Swick - Grow Up (Cassian Remix)
12. Uffie Ft Pharrell Williams - Add Suv (Armand Van Helden Remix)
13. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang feat. Q-Tip and MNDR (Russ Chimes Remix)
14. Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Great Aussie Tunes getting across Europe

The Swiss DJ mix for Studio Brussels by The Swiss
I have been lazy and not put anything up on this. But a month or so back I made my way across to a relatively new club, Cable London in the arches of the railway near London Bridge. Great venue... it was weird to get my face scanned and checked as the wonderful world of 1984 seems to be coming alive in front of our eyes in the UK. Anyway for another day.
I got to see The Swiss a great act from Adelaide live which was cool. Its amusing as Adelaide is often the butt of my Australian's jokes... but their set was no laughing matter on the night. Electro lovin goodness

Monday, 12 July 2010

Great day out in London 110710

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So I had a great day on Sunday in wonderful London town. Spent some time walking around Southbank with a friend both playing with our cameras. Found a random little gallery that was full of old Album Cover art as well as some other interesting things on the wall. Then we went and saw the Exposed Show at the Tate Modern which was an interesting take on the changing world of privacy.
Which supposedly started in the 1870's with the invention of smaller amateur cameras which supposedly lead to more of ' a celebrity culture and a culture of limitless dissemination'.... sounds interesting to whats happening now with the internet and digital cameras.

Here are some photos I took with my hipstamatic on my iPhone.

Great idea for a pub crawl

So I was sitting at my local watching about 20 odd people on a pub crawl up the canal on blow up boats.
What a brilliant idea and what a day for it

Its ok... Ill never miss a night out again

So I had a pretty busy weekend lined up. But one of the upsetting things was missing a mate of mine DJ who has very similar music tastes to me. But not too worry... he has uploaded his mix. Enjoy

Friday, 9 July 2010

time for some brilliant music

I was lucky enough to hit up an awesome french festival last week.... just a few beauties from there

Unfortunately I missed these guys... but awesome none the less
Mustang On Calvi Beach Mix by Mustang Mixtapes & Tracks

Breakbot who had me ripping it up in a little club one morning
Breakbot Valentine Mixtape by 12inches

A nice slideshow from my fisheye lense

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after trying to ...

after trying to use wordpress I realised it wasnt quite the same

so I am back.... this will be a personal blog that I use to cultural things that I enjoy

It will also help to push me to do some cool stuff