Thursday, 30 June 2011

A little bit of hunger satisfaction last weekend

Its hard to say it but last weekend was an unbelievable one in terms of weather and getting out and about. Firstly a little meet up with some friends on Friday night in shoreditch to check out the American shop Rock Lobsta pop up store storing some lobster rolls... oh damn they were good.

Then onwards to a 2nd night in a row in a new favourite haunt Happiness Forgets which is almost a little New York style dive bar. Considering I was in there the night before with the guy who owned who had lived in New York as well as my friends .... lets just go with that. He made an unbelievable Negroni as well, which is now 2011 drink of the summer.

I was in a little pain on Saturday so kept low but sunday after a very hard day in the sun and a few beers at the Scolts Head it was down to Dalston to the somewhat infamous Mangal's on a side street of Stoke Newington Rd in Dalston... where I had a meatathon which was much needed. I have been informed that there are now a number of these restaurants who have stolen the name but this is the original so obviously the best. Great Meze plate with all my favourites to start with. Then onto a selection of meats which was to die for... If you get a chance check it out. But dont go at the major times as it tends to be hipster heaven