Sunday, 22 May 2011

Saturday 21st of May

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I have been bad... no real bad. Its not that I havent been living up to my objective of getting out there and doing more. I have just been terrible at writing about it. I promise I will get my act together and do more. Great saturday in London town so here goes

It all started off in the morning the only way I know how to at a great new cafe in Clerkenwell. which is the sister to St Ali near where my auntie and uncle live in Melbourne. I found the Melbourne one by accident a few years back when I was doing the family thing and Im so glad I did. The funny thing is the London one is across the street from my old work place in what used to be a late night bar we all used to end up in. Timing it is always my problem. The one thing I will always notice with cafes, bars restaurants is how they use their space. Im very aesthetically inspired but also the flow of movement through a room in how they organise everything. Its weird but a good flow of movement makes me feel more relaxed even in a small tight space and they have done a great job of it. It almost feels a little New York loftish. Food was simple and really good. Feel like they needed a few more egg based food options on the menu. I didnt take my time on the coffee but it was good and a quick squiz at the menu showed lunch and the wine menu being quite extensive. It makes hanging out in my old work hood maybe just ok...

A ride down towards Brick Lane lead us to a random little gallery and photo exhibition on what else but Pub Life in the UK. It was small and intricate look at such a huge part of this countries culture. I took some photos of the random facts about pubs you might not know. Like due to the lack of literacy a lot of pubs were named after animals so they could just use a picture. Still need that today after a couple of pints

Then onto the main draw Alessandro Botto's exhibition Flux in the back of the Truman Brewery which is awesome. We had a chat with him for a while and he is an interesting character originally from Peru but left around 15 years ago and lived from New York to London to Dorset. He told us his work was influenced by the Itatlian Futurists and Julie Mehretu. Great space and a nice line of work. You should do and check it out

Then it was a beautiful ride in the sun down to Battersea Park for a little lawn bowls and bubbles (I know its an Australian thing)

I promise I will go back and write about all the things I have been up to...