Thursday, 29 July 2010

One of my many obessions

If anyone reading this actually knows me. They would know that I am a self proclaimed coffee snob. Someone who only drinks the finest cups from the finest of establishments. When you hear such a statement you probably visualise a wanker sitting at Soho House, Selfridges or Fortnum and Mason... oh how wrong you are.

My feeling is that Antipodeans have a weird love and strength in making a great coffee... but dont have the money to build an over the top coffee establishment. Which is fine by me... They have with limited money learnt to make great spaces that people want to spend time in... no matter how little or awkard they may seem. I love the spaces that a lot of coffee shops in London now fill. Its about an open environment ... where everybody knows your name and your coffee style. aaah sounds like the american TV show cheers... but not..

So here is one of my favorites. Tina We Salute You... oh yes we do Tina whoever you are (she doesnt work there and I still believe its a figment of their imagination)

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In case you get lost finding them

This is their loyalty card system... I got about 15 to go before Im on the golden wall

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