Sunday, 1 August 2010

Same Same but different...

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I recently had a weekend trip to the lovely Lisbon where I stayed in a friend's, girlfriends old house who is Portugese. She had a lovely old property with a number of houses on it where a number of her family lived. The land had been in the family since the 19th century and the land / houses were all still owned by the family. Even though over the years the area had been over developed with apartments and even Benifca's football stadium.

What I found really interesting was the open door policey of the household. We sat there and a family were staying from Azores where the family is originally from. People would continually walk in go for a swim in the pool or stop for lunch which was made by Franklin who has been in the house for 50 years making dinner and controlling the whole household. This cousin, that cousin, this uncle, that auntie.

I'd love to have a big house in a beautiful city like that where people just pop in whenever. It also makes you feel like you always have a home. Which being a bit of a nomad probably wouldnt hurt me to lay my roots somewhere... eventually.

Wonder if Branson is up for selling Necker Island... cause I hear he does the same there

The amusing story I was first told was when y friend came to lunch for the first time and said he was a vegetarian. She was not impressed

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