Thursday, 5 August 2010

Some more love for you all..... FREE ALBUM

Well we have started off well here. I have already started sending you to the free tracks for some great aussie talent. But to be honest you had probably already heard of Cut Copy. So now its time for some music you may not have heard of.... but its still all free baby.

Fear of Tigers.... first of all awesome name. Secondly album is a blend of beauty throwing in synth, disco and a good old vocal or two to keep you guessing.

Im a huge fan of the first track 'I can make the pain disappear'... yes you can. Its one of the only tracks that restricts mefrom taking a gun to a crowded office... but more on that later.

Play whole album here
Cossus Snufsigalonica by Solar - Fear of Tigers

Head to their facebook to get the download

They are also lining up a huge amount of great remixes for

The Valerie Crew

All The Lovers (Fear Of Tigers Remix) by cobraestilo5

New swedish pop star Rosanna
Rosanna - Waterfall (Fear Of Tigers Remix) by DISCODUST

and one for the ladies. Ben used to be a Dolphin Trainer....aaaaahhhhhh


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