Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cut Copy's new track free to download

I was lucky about 6 or so years ago when a mate decided to go on a CD shopping spree like he always did. (I know only 6 years ago CDs were still bought). Half the time he would only buy albums for quite ridiculous reasons. He was a designer and bought Cut Copy's first album 'Bright Like Neon Love' in 2004 purely because he thought that the album cover was cool.

Truth is he didnt like it much and I saw it on his desk at work and asked to have a listen. I loved it straight away and it wasnt long before it got around all our friends (like a month... I know a month to share a track. vs seconds ).

I went to quite a big event at Sydney's Luna Park... where they were playing where 80% of quite a big room walked out as they walked in to play. I loved seeing them live for the first time. It seems only about 30 others also did. But it didnt take time for them to catapult themselves into the mainstream.

Their follow up album In Ghost Colours was also fantastic. It was a bit more of a mature sound which I really liked as unfortunately I was also getting older as well. Living in London now its always great to go out and see them play live when they are in town. They played at the awesome London venue Koko a few years back and it was an awesome night.

So I m super excited to hear what the next one is going to be like.

Enjoy the free track

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