Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Which child do you love the most ?

I found this little pole on the blog of a club I went to in Paris once called Showcase which is a bit of a mecca for some great French acts. Its also just a cool and pretty relaxed club in a great spot under a bridge on the Seine.

But they have asked an interesting question... who is better

Chromeo : Candian electro funk duo
or Breakbot French DJ / Producer

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane)
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As you can see from the link from a 'French' website Breakbot leads the way. But its not very objective is it... everyone will always look after their own.

In my eyes its like asking which child you love the most. Each one brings a little miracle to your life from a slightly different angle. The quiet shyness of Breakbot vs the outlandish quite comical Chromeo. A mix of DJ/Producer or DJ/Producer/Live act. Surely you shouldnt force us to pick one.
But it seems you will. So like every parent Im going to do what is the easiest. Love the oldest one. I have been listening to and seeing Chromeo live for a lot longer. I originally saw them live on 2006 at a small venue in London called the Bush that was lucky to have 80 people there. Then a year later I turned up to a very packed Scala in London which took hundreds. SEE bad video below.

Here is a photo of him we took near one of the beach stages as he made a break for it at one of the Calvi Beaches.
So now I feel bad about picking my favourite child. I feel the need to make it up to the younger more shy one by booking a trip to France to see him live and apologise by dancing like nobody is watching. Like I did when I saw him play at Calvi on the Rocks which was one of the best moments of the event. (about 12 hours after the photo above was taken)

please do the same

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