Friday, 13 August 2010

I have no talent but plenty of others do

I have always believed that if you have no talent. Then it is always easier to surround yourself with talented individuals who have a passion for something. That way you dont feel so bad about it as you can hide behind all the other people's magnificence. Try it ... its fun and you get lots out of it.

One example of a very talented person is Michelle Owen (DJ Luna) who has done an awesome mix for the summer.

"Summer Dream" DJ Mix (By Michelle Owen) by Michelle Owen

Track list
  1. Gorge - Mooi – 8Bit
  2. Leif – Priority Feat. Donna Lea – Fear Of Flying
  3. Chez Damier – Soul Minimal – Mojuba
  4. Moodymanc – Bitz – Kolour Recordings Digital
  5. Andre Crom, Martin Dawson – Gonna Be Alright – Off
  6. Chez Damier – Teach Me, Keep Me – Mojuba
  7. Delano Smith – A Message For The Dj Feat. Diamondancer (Jimpster’s Red Light Mix)
  8. The Mountain People – Mountain 010.3 – Mountain People
  9. Wbeeza – He So Crazy – Third Ear Recordings
  10. Mark Seven – Swept Away – Endless Flight
  11. Michelle Owen – Perchance To Dream
  12. Steffi – Kill Me (Instrumental Dub) – Ostgut Ton
  13. KZA – Routine – Endless Flight
  14. James Yorkston – Woozy With Cider (John Hopkins Remix) – Domino

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