Saturday, 23 October 2010

A little bit of design...

I havent been writing for a while which is stupid as I have been up to quite a bit. Checked out a couple of things at the London Design Festival last month. I spent saturday hanging around redchurch street in Shoreditch. I love this street as the more and more I go back to it the more gentrified it seems.
I took some photos above at an 'antidesign' even which was pretty cool. Walking into some studios to see peoples work and some interesting stuff. One of the exhibitions was people answering questions posted on the wall. ' what cant you live without' everyone put material goods... I said 'friends' ... cause they probably have all the material goods so I can borrow them. Chick working there loved it. Nice people
I do feel bad as I always get excited about design festival and only go to a couple of things. The V&A still has an illustration exhibition on. So maybe I will go and check that out.

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