Sunday, 1 August 2010

Im so hip its wrong

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I spent an entire day in East London being so HIP it almost made me spew. I went off to my favourite cafe Counter Cafe down in Hackney Wick to have brunch with some lovely friends before we would then go onto Field Day. But then we ran into the heart of the Hackney Wicked creative festival which was on in the area. Which is where they open up all the galleries and also people's studios for everyone to come in and have a look.
I loved it. It was interesting seeing how many of these buildings are full of great artists. We also went in and checked out H Forman and Sons which is a salmon smoking company that was moved out of the London Olympic site and has built a new building in Hackney Wick. They have built a great new building with a cool terrace overlooking the canal and the Olympic site. They had an interesting little gallery in there that had an awesome piece by Greta Alfaro entitled Vultures. Watch it here. We got to see it on a big screen but it is captivating to watch and hear.

Then it was onto Field Day. Which after waiting for an hour even to get through on the guestlist it was onto the VIP to get some cocktails into us and warm up. There was only a couple of acts I wanted to see. So I was pretty relaxed about getting around. I saw Carte Blanche but after a recent trip to France.... the track choice seemed a bit old and I was hoping to hear from different stuff. My expectations were a little higher than they delivered for I think.
Fakeblood was on next. I think he is a better producer than DJ. He played all the right tracks but didnt really build the crowd up and take them on a bit of a ride.
One that truly stood out for the day for me was Pantha Du Prince which a mate made me go and see in one of the smaller tents. Brilliant music producer, but also knew how to work the crowd and somewhat his time slot.
Phoenix topped the day off well with the last slot on the main stage. I love Phoenix but I dont know if the main stage as the last act of the night. I was warmed up and I wanted to keep going

Then it was onto a house party up in Dalston where I got to see this guy perform. He was awesome he pretty much recorded his own voice in a bunch of different ways and then played them back on loop while he sang over the top. It was unbelievable... I even had front row seats.

So all in all a very fun and interesting day.. only bad point was that I lost my sunglasses... somewhere between the festival and the kebab shop.

and we all know ... Im very far from ever being hip.....

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  1. Awesome! love live loops.
    check this guy out he's one of the best however slightly different genre.